I thought before,

That maybe after our relationship had ceased to exist,

I would be left without you in my presence. 

Now realizing,

How incredibly preposterous and simply foolish

Was it for me to think that I could take a breath. 

After finally realizing,

That you were an exact replica of the word unpleasant. 

I thought that after,

I could gain some space, hoping with all of me 

That I would not feel a trace 

Of your presence… 

Wishing with all of me,

And longing to at least hear, feel, and/or see,

Complete benevolence. 

Posthumous interruptions

Of the peace I desired and thought I may feel… 

Instead, facing pure abrupt and corrupt disruption,

I now know in my heart that what we had was never real. 

And no matter how hard I try,

I won’t be able to forget the time, 

Where I thought you were my love. 

Simply because,

While your absence is truly a gift from up above,

I will never be able to erase

The posthumous interruptions of what you called