I miss the days when we were high off of love,

And my serotonin levels didn’t need help rising.

I miss the memories we shared in broad daylight… 

The ones that made me feel as though I was flying. 

I miss the feeling of having someone there to remind me

Of just how good love could be. 

But I not only miss having someone… 

I miss having you, don’t you see?

You were never mine, 

For you are your own person. 

However, I know that at some point in both of our lives,

Our hearts belonged to each other. 

Now, your heart has found it’s new home.

As my heart sits ever so still, 

It is waiting to… of course no longer be so alone. 

Thus, I lie here in bed

Telling myself to stop thinking about you, and the late night talks we shared. 

I try to guide my mind… 

To search for my happy place, 

And for a moment I look.

Thus, realizing the hollow feeling in my chest has grown… 

Because you are my happy place.

And as I recognize the smile on your face as genuine,

I realize that this hollow feeling in my chest, 

Is what I will learn to recognize as home.